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The tourism industry has undergone major growth in recent years. Likewise, new technologies have played a decisive role in this recent growth. Hotel chains, tour operators, hotel and aviation management platforms, etc., need to translate a large amount of static and dynamic content in different languages with tight turnaround times and at a competitive price.

Fidelia Translations offers you customised professional translation services fully tailored to your needs. We have the best translators, revisers and engineers in the tourism industry who will guarantee the highest standard for your company.

We have extensive experience in the description of tourist destinations, accommodation and localisation of applications that offer users travel packages. We have been working in the tourism industry for over 15 years for some of the leading online and offline tourism companies in the world allowing us to become experts in professional translation services in the tourism industry.

global translation services in the Tourism Industry

We see ourselves as a translation boutique with the following core values:

  • Personalised service
  • Quality
  • Agility and fast turnaround times
  • Competitive price

Like other types of translation, tourism-related translation is usually encompassed in the software localisation process. Software localisation is the process whereby software, websites, Ecommerce, mobile applications and such are translated into one or more languages and are linguistically and culturally adapted to the market or geographic location where they will be marketed. Software localisation involves the following steps:

  • Ensuring the viability of the software to be localised.
  • Adapting the localised software.
  • Translating the content and text chains.
  • Context revision of the localise software.
  • Navigation testing.
  • Delivery of the localised software.

In order to achieve the highest quality in our translations, we work with the best translators in the tourism industry, regardless of the language combinations. All of our translators are coordinated by highly experienced project managers.

All our translation projects include:

  • End-to-end project management.
  • Term extraction.
  • Translation by native translators specialised by industry sector.
  • Revision by native revisers and terminologists.
  • Final quality control of semantics, grammar, spelling and style.

We use cutting-edge industry technologies in order to guarantee:

  • Maximum quality by storing terminology from previous projects.
  • Fast turnaround times.
  • Save on costs by reusing pre-translated texts.

Please do not hesitate to ask us about any tourism-related translation need. We will offer you a maximum quality solution at a competitive price. Get your translation services quote today.

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