Professional interpreting Services and translation services from our Experts…

Language interpretation involves transmitting speech from one language to another by an interpreter.

At Fidelia Translations we provide end-to-end professional interpretation services, planning and managing your events, conferences, meetings, seminars and training courses from start to finish.

We have extensive experience in the management of interpretation  projects of various subjects in Ireland and abroad.

We will place an interpretation project manager at your disposal to help ensure successful communication at your event.

We provide comprehensive language and sign language interpretation services in all the languages of the European Union, Eastern Europe, Asia and Africa. We offer different interpretation styles tailored to the needs of each individual client, situation and context. We also offer professional interpretation services in any market sector where your company is present.


All we need to know is:

1. Type of activity (event, conference, seminar, speech, meeting, training course, etc.)

2. Language combination(s): specify the source and target language(s)

3. Date, time and place

4. Discipline or industry sector to be covered by the interpretation at the event

5. Support materials for interpreters


Professional interpreting Services and translation services

Interpretation Modalities


In simultaneous interpretation, the interpreter accurately reproduces the content of the speaker’s speech in the audience’s language simultaneously or as quickly as the source language permits, so that the audience hears what the speaker is saying in real time.

Simultaneous interpretation is the preferred option at business events, international conferences, speeches and training courses. We will provide the simultaneous interpretation service in one or more languages in accordance with our customer’s needs.

If the simultaneous interpretation service exceeds 1.5 hours, two interpreters will be assigned per language combination in order to guarantee the best quality service, since after more than 1 hour of continuous interpretation the fluidity and quality of a simultaneous interpreter’s work begins to decline.

Simultaneous interpretation and audio equipment

If you decide to choose our simultaneous interpretation services, we will provide you with the personnel and technical equipment you will need to ensure that all the audio and video systems function perfectly at your event. We offer interpretation booths, power supplies, microphones, public address systems, lecterns and any recording system, reprography material or InfoPort briefcase you may need.

Fidelia Translations guarantees the success of your interpretation projects.


In consecutive interpretation, the interpreter translates a speaker’s speech in the target language of the audience.

The speaker gives short speeches with a duration of no more than 20-30 minutes. If the interpretation service exceeds 30 minutes, the interpreter must agree upon pauses with the speaker so that the interpreter can translate his or her speech with the maximum quality.

Consecutive interpreters use a note-taking technique that allows them to translate a speaker’s speech once they have finished speaking.

If the consecutive interpretation service exceeds 1.5 hours, two interpreters will be assigned per language combination in order to guarantee the best quality service, since after more than 1 hour of continuous interpretation the fluidity and quality of a simultaneous interpreter’s work begins to decline.

Consecutive interpretation is normally used in speeches, presentations, meetings between private individuals or companies, training courses, etc.


Whispering  is a variant of simultaneous interpretation in which the interpreter translates the speech given by a speaker by standing directly beside those needing the translation and whispering the translated speech into their ear. This is usually only for one or two people who do not speak the same language as the rest of the audience. Whispering interpretation is most commonly used for a speech given by a speaker at a conference, meeting or event of any kind.


For this interpretation style, the interpreter provides two-way translation in the languages of the participants at a meeting or during a conversation.

The interpreter translates into the languages of both participants without taking notes, since the dialogues or speeches of each participant must be short in order to ensure a fluid conversation.

This interpretation option is normally preferred at sales meetings between companies or individuals.


This interpretation modality consists of a relay interpretation in which the interpreter accompanies a customer who needs to travel within the country or abroad to carry out administrative or personal formalities, for business purposes, visits, tourism, etc.


This interpretation modality is performed by a sworn interpreter certified by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and is used to translate content from one language into another.

This type of interpretation is normally preferred at notary offices, in court or to bear witness before any official body or authority requiring this type of services.


As its name suggests, this interpretation modality is used in telephone conversations involving different languages.

These conversations may be private or between company representatives in different language combinations.