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Our Website & Software Localisation Process

The eruption of the Internet in our lives and globalisation has allowed us to send information anywhere in the world and market our products wherever we want.

Website localisation can be defined as the  adaptation of a linguistic product or content to the needs of a specific geographical area or market.

No matter the singularities of your software or website. We are capable of pre-producing any web platform, maintaining the embedded code of any software unaltered, separating text strings or translatable elements of the code and delivering a final product fully adapted to the market where you want to position your product.

We take into account all of the cultural, conventional and linguistic aspects, measurement systems, foreign currency, characters, colours and design to guarantee the success of your products in the target market


Website localisation

We have highly qualified professionals who will offer you first class localisation services. The software localisation process involves the participation of project managers, testers, localisers, translators, linguists and revisers.

Our work processes and the proper execution of each phase of your project will guarantee the highest-quality product at a competitive price and within a time frame that meets your needs.

Software testing is conducted at the start and end of the localisation project in order to ensure that all user interfaces, software functions and linguistic and cultural aspects are properly executed.

Thanks to the localisation of software, websites, mobile applications and cloud solutions, at Fidelia Translations we can offer you a localised linguistic product or content tailored to the needs of the local market or country where want to position yourself.

In recent years we have helped many local and international companies to expand their radius of action, drive worldwide sales and boost their brand image through our website localisation services.

Software testing

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