Other Services


Fidelia Translations are a translation services agency, but also an  international language services provider. This means in addition to comprehensive translation and localisation solutions we also offer both complementary and completely independent services.

The main services we offer include: interpretation in all its variants, content revision, transcreation and comprehensive DTP services.

We offer 40+ languages in all these services, working with native interpreters, linguists and revisers of the target languages into which they translate, revise or interpret. Our DTP specialists are proficient in their working languages and have expertise in work file formatting and manipulation techniques.

Below we briefly describe each of these services:


We offer our customers a comprehensive interpretation service in any language in Ireland and any European country. Our interpreters are experts in simultaneous translation, consecutive translation, liaison interpreting, accompaniment interpreting, whispering or chuchotage, telephone interpretation and sworn translation.

We also supply the necessary audiovisual equipment for simultaneous translation to guarantee the success of your event or conference.

You can count on our interpreters for any interpreting need you may have, such as events, conferences, meetings, accompaniment, etc.

Don’t hesitate to contact us for any interpreting need you may have. We will place a team of highly qualified professionals at your disposal.


Interpretation translation service

Editing & Proofreading

One of the most important steps in a comprehensive translation service is revision. Like any service or product developed by humans, translation requires quality processes that include revision of terminology, semantics, grammar, spelling, style and adequacy to the target reader.

Customers often ask us to revise translations formerly done by other language providers. The point is that a large amount of translations on the market aimed at a target audience have not been thoroughly revised and are not up to standard.

Therefore, at Fidelia Translations we offer you a comprehensive translation and revision service tailored to your needs. We adapt our translations to the target audience who will be reading them. We also offer a proofreading service that will guarantee their adequacy to the target readers.

All our linguists, revisers and proofreaders are native speakers of the languages they revise and have a mastery of the source languages.


Editing & Proofreading translation

DTP – Desktop Publishing


We offer our customers a comprehensive DTP service, which ranges from converting PDFs to Word -performing all the necessary pre-production and post-production work- to manipulating image editing formats in order to maintain the same appearance in the source and target language.

Our DTP team will offer you a solution in which you will receive a translated file exactly the same as the original file, maintaining its appearance and format.


We place a comprehensive transcreation service at your disposal that will guarantee the adequacy of the transcreated texts to their end readers. We aim to transmit the same sensations and emotions in the target language as in the source language.

All our transcreators are native speakers of the languages into which they transcreate.

Our customers endorse our reputation.
We guarantee successful results that will help you to leverage the full potential of your data and take your business to the next level, anywhere in the world.