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Software Localisation Testing

When testing software, websites, mobile applications, cloud solutions, CRM/ERPs or product databases, multiple factors and variables must be taken into consideration. Is your business or product perfectly suited for your target audience and the local market where you want to position it? Bear in mind that software testing is a crucial factor in our software localisation services. A good software testing procedure will save on production costs and execution time.

These are the 3 main software testing phases:

1. Suitability of the software to be localised

The first stage of testing in our software localisation services includes establishing if  your website or software is ready to be positioned in another market or country. We consider it a series of preventive measures so that the subsequent localisation process runs smoothly.

In this testing phase we will see whether your software or product is compatible at first glance with the product that will be localised in the target market. For example, we will identify differences between the source and target operating systems, other software involved in the operation of your product or whether the source software supports different types of text or written text directions.

Therefore, we will perform a pseudo-localisation (fake localisation) to detect any problems in the software localisation process.

For example:

  • Display of text strings in the target language
  • Identification of text strings with complex code
  • Verification that the text code remains unchanged
  • User interface design issues

This first phase is essential, since it will tell us how to increase the quality of the localised software with respect to the original, improve brand perception, save on costs and reduce delivery times.

2. In-depth testing process

Once we have checked the suitability of your software to the target market and corrected any errors or setbacks, we will proceed to the translation phase. Next, we will check for errors in the translation process, making sure that the translated text is displayed correctly on your website and that all the functionalities of the software work properly.

Some of the aspects we will be examining include:

  • Correct translation
  • Structure of folders and files stored on your website
  • Consistency of the localised software with the original product
  • Suitability of screens and user interfaces to the local market
  • Localised letters and characters
  • That words are inside buttons and not deleted from paragraphs

Furthermore, we must consider, among others, different local and cultural aspects such as: adaptation of images and symbols, measurement systems, aesthetic issues, colours, conversion of foreign currencies, time zones, public holidays, local customs and conventions, social classes, religion, politics, etc.

3. Context check

In this phase we will check everything we may have missed in the two previous phases of the software localisation process. It’s a context check of the final localised product. We will mainly be checking the quality of the translation and the functionality of it’s localised software.

This will be done by a linguist who is a native speaker of the target language. But the most crucial aspect about this phase is that the revision will be done in context. That is, the linguist will see the text displayed in its place and on the final interface, along with all the images, sections, etc. It’s not the same to see flat text on a bilingual interface than on the final website. This will allow the linguist to identify any linguistic or cultural aspect or functionality that is not suited to the local market.

Remember that good software testing will help you to:

  • Increase the perception of quality of your brand or product
  • Save on costs
  • Reduce delivery times

Contact our professionals if you have any questions about our localisation services which include software localisation and website localisation, as well as localisation for, mobile applications, cloud solutions, CRM/ERPs or product databases.

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